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October 31, 2014  |  Uncategorized

Greetings and magical best wishes from Mumbai India . Full days of teaching and performing Magic. Yesterday we began a new project at the DH Sirur Boys Orphanage, teaching magic to 11 boys —7 hours of teaching and practicing yesterday to get the project launched and 7 more hours today –going well! Enthusiastic group of boys between 12 and 15. We will visit them three times a year and in-between, one of the young women magicians we have been training for four years, Priyanka, will arrange to work with them. There is an older young man, Raja, at the orphanage, who will meet weekly with the boys to practice what they have learned.
We will also host two Magic, Theater, Juggling and Art Camps for 80 boys and 80 girls –a first here in India. Will let you know how they go!!! And then a week of performing in hospitals, orphanages, schools and other centers for children.
The Magic continues….thank you for your enthusiastic interest and support. Tom at

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