Our Mission

Magicians Without Borders has travelled to over thirty countries since 2002 bringing love, laughter, magic and hope to many of the world’s most forgotten refugee and orphan children. We have also been teaching three groups of very poor children in India, El Salvador and Colombia to become magicians and in the process these children are learning self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline and focus as they begin to perform in their communities and start to believe the impossible is possible.

Through our Scholarship Program some of our magicians have completed High School and are now in college, nursing school and culinary school.

We have also begun a tour of VA Hospitals bringing some magic and hope to another forgotten community. We hope to train a group of Veterans to become magicians so they can then perform in the VA Hospitals and Veteran Centers across the country.

“In certain circumstances, magic not only amazes and amuses but inspires hope that the impossible is possible.”

-Harry Houdini