Meeting Gustavo Lorgia and Dean Gunnarson the great Canadian escape artist

November 21, 2014  |  Colombia,Featured News

The kids from the Colombian project got a one in a lifetime opportunity. They were invited by Colombia’s greatest magician Gustavo Lorgia to go to his house where they got to meet two Canadian magicians; Cary Tardi, and Dean Gunnarson.

The kids got to see close-up magic from Cary and an Escape from Dean, afterwards all shared a wonderful meal as an invitation from the wonderful host Gustavo Lorgia.

It was an inspirational afternoon where the kids got to interact with all the production team from the tv program Escape or Die! And were very pleased to talk with Cary, Dean and Gustavo, to all of whom we are very grateful and hope to cross paths with again.

To top off this wonderful night, Gustavo gave the kids some brand new hats, wands and capes and Dean said that he would like to help the MWB program out by donating some magical equipment!! Again we are very grateful for this opportunity!

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