Magic Service Trips

We really look forward to meeting all the interested in our trips, if you are interested, please leave your info at the bottom of this page, and you’ll be the first to be notified when we open a new Magic Service Trip.

Join us in an adventure of a lifetime! The only trip on the world where you will be able to:

  • Visit touristic and unique places of a country
  • Travel around with other magicians
  • Learn magic from experienced magicians
  • Meet the kids of our education programs
  • Perform in multiple places: Streets, Auditoriums, Hospitals, Prisons, Slums and big theaters

All in one single trip, our MWB Magic Service Trips!! Here are some pictures of our adventures in India, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Checkout our past experiences:

Cape Town (South Africa) 2020

Colombia 2019

India 2017

Costa Rica 2018


Please leave your info here to be notified when we have new magic service trips open.