How to get involved

In Magicians Without Borders we are very interested in joining forces with people from all around the globe to create an open and just existence full of possibility using magic in communities around the world.

You can join us whether you are a magician or not. Here are the different ways in which you can get involved.

Join us with your MAGIC

Join our mission to create a world full of possibility using magic to transform underserved communities around the world.

Join the first “magic strike force” dedicated to respond to catastrophes, starting in the US.

Join other amateur and professional magicians in a journey through a country, visiting it in a unique way, not only the touristic places, but also hidden parts where you will be performing magic for different audiences and will be practicing magic all through the trip.

Other ways to join us

Soon you will be able to Subscribe to our membership and get exclusive access to discounts at magic shows and magic shops online and in various places around the world.

Consider doing a donation to help us keep the world wide transformational magic going. And please consider making it a monthly donation. 😉