¿Do you want to be part of something magical and transformative with global implications?

At Magicians Without Borders we believe in the transforming power of magic, we believe that through magic we can create a just world full of possibilities in communities around the globe. We appreciate immensely the support of any person or organization that believes in this as well.

With your contribution you will be helping entertain people in remote and often war torn areas, and most importantly to create new realities in the slums of Latin America and India. For people like Tamara; A student of our program in the neighborhood of Paraíso, in the Ciudad Bolívar super slum, in the southern most part of Bogota, Colombia. Tamara, thanks to our program where she learned magic and entrepreneurial skills, finished her high school studies in an excellent way and now is paying for a private university herself! This is an amazing thing considering that her peers do not even have the opportunity to access higher education.

Stories like these, are what we can generate thanks to your support. Together we can keep hope alive.