Our Founders

Tom Verner

Tom also serves as President since our inception in 2002 and has traveled to over 35 countries to perform for close to one million people!

Janet Fredericks

Janet aka LaFleur co-founder has been involved in performances since our beginning and has entertained in many countries with her mime act.

Global Programs Director

Carlos López

Carlos Lopez Magicians Without Borders Global Programs Director
Since 2012 Carlos has been involved starting out as a volunteer, then headed a local education chapter in Colombia, then oversaw and grew our LATAM Projects.

Head Local Magicians

These are the leaders of our active Education Chapters, they are our magic allies that head our programs in different communities around the world.

Diego Vargas

San José, Costa Rica

Diego Vargas leads Magicians Without Borders education chapter in Costa Rica
Diego Leads our Costa Rica program since 2016, in alliance with La Cometa

Tamara Jimenez

Bogotá, Colombia

Tamara Jimenez leads Magicians Without Borders third education chapter in Bogota Colombia
Tamara leads our third chapter in Bogotá, Colombia, since 2018, in alliance with Fundacion Nueva Vida para Todos.

Mario Sierra

Ahuachapán, El Salvador

Mario Sierra Leads Magicians Without Border Chapter
Mario Leads our third chapter in El Salvador since 2019, in alliance with Koika.

Jacques Le Sueur

Cape Town, South Africa

Jacques Le Sueur leads a Magicians without borders education chapter in cape town
Jacques leads our first chapter in South Africa since 2019, in alliance with CouldC Training & Development and R-City

Ricardo Montoya

Medellín, Colombia

Ricardo Montoya leads a Magicians Without Borders education chapter Medellin program in Colombia
Ricardo leads our chapter in Medellin, Colombia since 2019, in alliance Juguemos en el Bosque and Superarse


Mumbai, India

Pryanca leads or program in Mumbai, India since 2015, in alliance with Our Children

Chapter Founders, Volunteer Magic Teachers and Former Head Local Magicians

These magicians and allies were responsible for opening a new chapter and teaching classes in that chapter, some of those chapter still exist today.

Ryan Bart

Ryan Bart founder of an education chapter of magicians without borders in bogota and el salvador
Ryan founded the first Colombia education chapter in Bogotá in 2012. He stayed for a year leading the program. After that he help set up El Salvador’s second chapter in 2015 in alliance with Glasswing International, plus he spent 3 months in our India Program as well!

Kyle Dickey

Kyle lead a magicians without borders program in brazil
Kyle spend a year in Uberlandia, Brazil where he founded and lead our program with the local allie ONG Casa. There he lead his students to multiple shows for their community in 2018.

Michael “Six” Muldoon

Michael was also one of the first volunteer magicians to do a long stint of classes in El Salvador on our first program in Santa Ana.

Devonte Rosero

Devonte was one of the first volunteer magicians to fly multiple times to El Salvador and teach the kids of our first education chapter in Santa Ana.

Alexander Posner

Alex posner a teacher for magicians without borders
Alex helped pioneer the Wizards of PRCH program, in collaboration with the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health. The initiative brings together adults recovering from drug abuse and mental illness to study the art of magic and perform throughout the New Haven community

Maricela Medina

Maricela Ramos magic teacher for magicians without borders in El Salvador
Maricela is an alumni of the first chapter in El Salvador, and then she became the Head Local Magician for our second chapter in San Salvador in alliance with Glasswing International, in 2015 to 2017.

Peter Rodriguez

Peter is also our alumni and a wonderful performer, now dedicated to dance, he was also a teacher for our second chapter in El Salvador with Glasswing International, in 2015 and 2016

Felipe Costa

Felipe aka “Pollo” is a talented magician from Colombia, who has been a long term volunteer teacher in our Bogota chapters since 2015

Jorge Ruiz

Jorge Ruiz a volunteer magician teacher in our Colombia projects
Jorge, was a fundamental part in our Colombia, chapters from 2012 to 2015 he teached in 3 of our chapters, 2 in Bogotá, and one forty hour intensive program in a rural area in Barranca de Upía, Meta.

Mohith Mothukuri

Mohith spend 3 months in Colombia, where he set up a short term program in Medellin, this program now continues on in alliance with Juguemos en el Bosque and Superarse.