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Greetings from the U. S. Mexico border… Again

Greetings and love from Juarez (across the border from El Paso) where Janet and I are performing in the shelters for Migrants. We have done six shows these first three days for about 750 migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. In one of the shelters in El Paso, one of the families, who had been granted asylum, got word they were not able to leave that night on a bus to join their family members who live in the US. They would be delayed for a few more days. The mom went outside to tell their son they would …
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Our visit to the Border

Our founders Tom and Janet are in a trip down to El Paso-Juarez Border, doing some very needed shows for kids and families in the retention centers. We encourage you to donate so that we can keep up this important work, here are some of Tom words from the trip. Greetings from the El Paso-Juarez Border We have been performing for hundreds of migrants who are fleeing the murderous violence, political oppression and grinding poverty in Honduras,Guatemala and El Salvador. Two days ago, ICE released 400+ migrant asylum seekers onto the streets of El Paso with ankle bracelets and court dates …
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