Education Program

Philosophy of the Program

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Program is designed to enable a young magic student to learn the ancient art of magic and in the process, to develop into stronger and more confident young people.

We are very concerned that the young magic student becomes proficient in the art of magic. The student will be taught all of the major aspects of the magic art and will be expected to become an entertaining, engaging, competent magic performer.  But we are equally and perhaps more concerned, to teach magic in a way that enhances the student’s sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, creativity, discipline, and focus. We know from years of experience teaching magic around the world, that the study of magic can enable a young person to become a strong and confident person with a deep sense of personal power.  Knowing magic enhances a young person as a member of a family, as a friend, a student and a potential employee.

Our Education Chapter in Bogotá, Colombia. Led by our Graduated Student Tamara.

The magic lessons are structured and taught in ways that are clearly designed to meet our dual purpose of creating talented, entertaining magicians and confident, mature young people.  One of the ways in which we achieve these two goals is through an emphasis on performance and integrating the fundamentals of theater and acting into every lesson. The student will be expected to learn how to theatrically perform his or her magic at the same time he or she is mastering the mechanics of a trick.  From the first lesson, the student will be learning the fundamentals of acting and performing. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Program believes that doing effective, engaging, entertaining magic is probably 10% mastering the mechanics of a trick and 90% performing it in a creative, dramatic manner.

We also emphasize the development of creativity in our magic students. One of the ways we do this is requiring that the student create a written-out script of a story that will accompany the presentation and performance of their magic effect.  Each student is required to write out these scripts. The scripts will be rewritten and refined through in-class performance and integrating the feed back received from the instructor and other students during critique sessions. Learning how to work and rework a routine will be very much part of the instruction as the student gradually creates his or her own magic show.

We have designed the magic lessons so that a student who faithfully attends the weekly classes, participates actively in the material being taught, and practices outside of class will be able to perform a 30 minute parlor magic show, a solid twenty-minute close-up performance, and learn the ability and creativity to perform impromptu magic with ordinary objects.

Give the opportunity of education to kids in the slums of big cities. With your support, we will be able to continue our work that has helped over a hundred children in nine cities in six countries.

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