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Finishing up 2022…

And before we start gearing up for a magical 2023, we wanted to recap what was a fantastic year. Our education chapters in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Colombia are still going strong with weekly classes, more local shows have ensued this year, and these shows have become a new source of income for our students; this is something that has us very happy. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Show de Magia/ Magia de cerca MSFCR (@magos_sin_fronteras_cr) View this post on Instagram A post shared by MSF SV🇸🇻 (@magossinfronteras_sv) View this post on Instagram A post …
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Magicians Without Borders Thanks you for 2022

We are off to Ukraine

We are off to Ukraine, for the third time.
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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is around the corner: a global celebration day for giving This year has proven to be a great year for Magicians Without Borders, thanks to your help, we’ve been able to do great things, including but not limited to:  The Magic is Alive! With your continued support we plan to continue expanding our social reach with our magic, this is what we are planning: So today, it’s a day to celebrate generosity. On #GivingTuesday we come together all over the world to focus on helping people in need, in new and innovative ways. If you are looking for …
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Giving Tuesday with Magicians Without Borders

Visiting the International Magic Show in Bogotá

We had the great opportunity to enjoy a great International Magic Show in Bogotá, Colombia with 17 members of 2 of our education chapters in Bogotá, Colombia. This type of opportunities are very important in the development of our students, as the saying goes: “You cannot year what you don’t know”. So it’s paramount that we expose our students to new experiences and show them what can be accomplished through a sustained effort over a long period of time. Thank you to all donors and sponsors that made this possible, specially Daniel Giandoni one of the members of the great …
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Our student Kike live in a café in Ahuachapán

One of our students of our Education Chapter in Ahuachapán El Salvador, Kike, made his professional debute at a local café, he was highlighted as special entertainment during a Saturday night. This is a big accomplishment, having an art like Magic highlighted in a café in Ahuachapán is rare, but thanks to the hard work of Kike and our Head Local Magician Mario Sierra, this was a reality and a milestone that we are extremely proud of, and we want to congratulate Kike and Mario for making this happen! Kudos! This kind of milestones keep our hopes alive and makes …
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Magicians Without Borders congratulate Kike for his first professional magic gig

Our Rural education chapter in Quiba Alta is going great

Since we started this new education chapter in the rural area of Quiba Alta outside Colombia’s capital Bogotá, has been a great experience. This chapter is headed by two of our Alumni: Diego and Tamara, who where with us in the first ever education chapter in Bogotá way back in 2012. Now as teachers of this new generation, it has been great to see them perform as rol models for other kids in this community. Plus we have had the help of other local volunteer magicians, and it has been great to se this kids learn magic and start getting …
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Re-starting our program in Brazil

We are extremely happy to announce that our performances in Brazil have started again thanks to our Head Local Magician: Alejandro Muniz and his team, it is wonderful to see this happening again! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mágicos Sem Fronteiras (@magicos_sem_fronteiras)

Restarting MWB Brazil

Trying to move online with our education chapters

The same as everyone, we’ve been struggling to try and have a digital transformation of our social work in the slums for our education chapters, it’s been beyond challenging, in some of our chapters less than 40% of our students have access to the internet. When we created our COVID-19 support fund back in march 2020, we were able, with the help of 6 wonderful donors, to support some of our students with data plans so that they could have access to the internet during the trying times of 2020. That was fruitful for some of our students who could, …
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Re-starting our program in El Salvador

Our program in El Salvador got an exiting new venue for our weekly classes It’s the local municipal theater a gorgeous space where our kids get to use for our 2 hour weekly class! But not only that, our education chapter is going to be featured in the cities official cultural offering! This is awesome, thanks to the wonderful work of our Head Local Magician in El Salvador: Mario Sierra

MWB in ahuachapan el salvador

MWB Conversations Episode 52: Wrapping up a year of conversations

Join us this week in a conversation with Carlos López our Global Programs Director and Tom Verner our founder where we will be looking back at a year of MWB Conversations, we will talk about our main takeaways and revisit the wonderful guests we’ve had in the show, and we will discuss some ideas about the future. What subjects/topics/etc. do you think we should tackle in the future in this space? This marks the temporary end of our MWB Conversations, this episode marks a year of wonderful, inspiring and thoughtful conversations with amazing guests that highlight “social magic” not only …
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Magicians Without Borders MWB Conversations Episode 52
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