Start a MWB chapter

We are looking for magicians around the world to start a Magicians Without Borders Chapter to implement our long term education program in an underserved community in your area.

“We believe that learning, practicing and performing magic transforms at risk youth lives, by awakening dreams and the hope the impossible is possible this is why we believe we are creating a world full of possibility.”

MWB Purpose

If you resonate with our purpose and values, then you are the kind of people that we are looking for. We need you! We will guide you through the process and give you all the tools you will need to start a new MWB Education Chapter in your area, all we need is your magic skills and commitment to teach a 2 hour weekly class, ideally for at least 1 year, but can be shorter period. Please fill the form below to star changing lives for the better using magic.

    Here is a Testimony of Kyle, who spent a year in Brazil where he started his own MWB Chapter!