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MWB Conversations Episode 47: Tricks are means to an end

On this episode Carlos López continues to talk about the performance of In and of itself from Derek del Gaudio guided by the line: “Tricks are a means to an end”, we will be joined by Pollo and Diego Vargas Podcast: Video: Images Shared on the show:

Magicians Without Borders Conversations Episode 47

MWB Conversations Episode 43: Our friends from India Part 2

On this episode we will continue our conversation with Tom Verner, Carlos López and our friends from India Conversations with our friends from India: Kalyani and Dhananjay with whom we talk about a great new project born from our collaboration: “Learning Beyond” a wonderful camp with at-risk youth where they get to learn amongst other things: Magic, Juggling, and many more. Podcast: Video: Images shared on the show:

MWB Conversations Episode 43

MWB Conversations Episode 31: The world renowned “Escuela de Artes Mágicas de Bogotá”

Join us this week for a conversation with Carlos López the Global Programs Director of Magicians Without Borders, and our founder Tom Verner to talk about the world renowned magic school: “Escuela de Artes Mágicas de Bogotá” a wonderful magic school in Bogotá, it’s one of Latin America’s best and most prestigious magic schools, it’s a must visit for any and all magicians that travel to Bogota, Colombia. Plus we are so proud to have them as our ally. Also we are going to be joined by the magic school’s founder and master magician: Richard Sarmiento, we are looking forward …
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Magicians Without Borders MWB Conversations Episode 31: The world renowned "Escuela de Artes Mágicas de Bogotá"

Magic At Home – New income model for our students (teachers, volunteers and friends) And how YOU can help

We are living in strange times, cities have slowed down, almost to a stand still. We have had to stop most of our activities, specially the classes in favour of trying to flatten the curve in this global effort to mitigate the strain on our health systems around the globe. The neighborhoods where our classes are held are some of the most vulnerable (economically speaking) to the recession brought on by this invisible enemy. This is true for all of our Education Chapters all over the world: India, South Africa, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Brazil and Colombia. Our student’s families …
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Magic at home new model from MWB

Wizards of PRCH: Summer Update

This past June marked the completion of another excellent “Wizards of PRCH” workshop in New Haven. The Wizards of PRCH Project—a collaboration between the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH), the Yale Magic Society, and Magicians Without Borders—brings together adults recovering from drug abuse and mental illness to study the art of magic and perform throughout the New Haven community. Now in its third year, the initiative aims to help participants develop self-confidence and public speaking skills, promote creativity and self-discipline, equip participants with a remunerative trade and entrepreneurial skills, and inspire hope that the seemingly impossible is …
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“Fun Raiser” organized by sixth grader, Jade Edwards

There was a wonderful night of Fun(d) Raising for a packed house at the Lincoln, VT Community Library on January 29th. The event was organized by Jade Edward, a sixth grader at The Lincoln Community School, as part of the Positive Change Project. His teacher, Molly Sprague, created the project for sixth graders to research and support a local non-profit organization of their choosing. And Jade Edwards selected Magicians Without Borders.  After reading articles and blog posts on the Magicians Without Borders web site, Jade decided to organize a Fun(d) Raiser to be held at the local library.  He designed the program, …
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Special Offer to our Donors

With your generous support we are able to reach out to children around the world. As a special offer to our donors of $100 or more we will send you a copy of Janet’s book, Mango Basket and Rickshaw Blessings,  full of colorful paintings from her many travels with Magicians Without Borders.  Janet, also known as LaFleur,  and wife of Tom Verner, volunteers as a mime/clown.  Janet is also a well known artist.

Magic and Hope are alive in El Salvador

In 2005, we met Maricela Medina and Peter Rodriguez in Santa Ana, El Salvador. We were collaborating with Asaprosar, an organization that works with very poor children who live and work in the market place and the garbage dump. We were training these children to become magicians and Maricela and Peter were exceptional magic students; enthusiastic and talented. Together with Asaprosar and our Scholarship Fund they finished high school and went on to graduate from the best Culinary School in El Salvador. They are working as cooks and still performing as magicians. In the spring of 2015 they wrote us and said, …
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Tom and Janet on “Passing 4 Normal” Radio Show!

In March of 2015, Tom & Janet travelled to Baja, CA to perform in some schools and orphanages in and around the town of Loredo. They also spent a couple of days with Acoustic Marine Biologist Michael Stocker and a half dozen other folks visiting San Ignacio Lagoon. The lagoon is home to many California Gray Whale mothers and their babies; we use the term “babies” loosely, considering they weigh 1,500 pounds and gain 100 pounds a day! These amazing creatures are curious and friendly. We took four trips into the lagoon in small boats called panga’s, and were always …
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Colombia’s young magicians at TEDxCESA

We could have not been more proud of the young magicians of Bogotá, Colombia, the kids of the Colombian chapter got another once in a life time experience. To be the performing act in TEDxCESA. TEDxCESA was held in one of Colombia’s most elite universities, with the tag line “actions that transform lives“. That is why the magic club from the slums of Bogotá got invited to perform, because the actions of teaching this young kids magic, has truly transformed their lives. They did an 18 minute presentation and got a long long standing ovation!! It was amazing!

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