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“Fun Raiser” organized by sixth grader, Jade Edwards

There was a wonderful night of Fun(d) Raising for a packed house at the Lincoln, VT Community Library on January 29th. The event was organized by Jade Edward, a sixth grader at The Lincoln Community School, as part of the Positive Change Project. His teacher, Molly Sprague, created the project for sixth graders to research and support a local non-profit organization of their choosing. And Jade Edwards selected Magicians Without Borders.  After reading articles and blog posts on the Magicians Without Borders web site, Jade decided to organize a Fun(d) Raiser to be held at the local library.  He designed the program, …
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Happy 2016

A great year! Looking back at all we did in 2015, we are full of gratitud. Many thanks to all of our sponsors, donors, magicians, friends and every-other person we shared something in this wonderful year. Here we want to give you a little summary of what we lived in the past year. El Salvador Project As a very short summary, in our El Salvador Project, we want to highlight the work of Maricela and Peter, two magicians that after going through our program, graduated from culinary school and now are training a second generation of magicians in El Salvador so that …
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Tom and Janet on “Passing 4 Normal” Radio Show!

In March of 2015, Tom & Janet travelled to Baja, CA to perform in some schools and orphanages in and around the town of Loredo. They also spent a couple of days with Acoustic Marine Biologist Michael Stocker and a half dozen other folks visiting San Ignacio Lagoon. The lagoon is home to many California Gray Whale mothers and their babies; we use the term “babies” loosely, considering they weigh 1,500 pounds and gain 100 pounds a day! These amazing creatures are curious and friendly. We took four trips into the lagoon in small boats called panga’s, and were always …
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The power of sharing your secrets

Magicians live, because of our secrets, if everyone knew them, we would not be of any use in this life. Why, then, teach the secrets of magic? Carlos López the program director for Latin America, spoke on this subject, last summer in Costa Rica, where he had the opportunity to share our message in the middle of what he calls “one of the best events I have attended in my life”; Do Lectures Costa Rica. He also said of the event: “It was a wonderful experience. To find yourself in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by incredible people with …
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Carlos López of Magicians Without Borders in Do Costa Rica

Awards and Recognitions

In preparation for our 10th Anniversary celebration we will post regular highlights from these past ten years.  Todays post lists some of the awards and recognition MWB has been honored to receive. International Brotherhood of Magicians Presidential Citation Rotary International Global Humanitarian Award Giraffe Project Award (for sticking our necks out!) Heart Spring Award for working creatively with children International Peace Conference, Kyoto, Japan, guest speakers and performers The Vatican International Congress for Circus and Traveling Show People, invited speaker and performers at the Vatican, Rome 2012 Heroism and Patriot Medal awarded annually by The Society of American Magicians Nominated …
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