We are going to Performing The Workd in New York City!

September 30, 2014  |  Featured News,Upcoming

Magicians without Borders got invited to do a presentation in the international conference Performing The World in New York city from October 10th to the 12th. Our presentation is called: “Magic as a language for social change: It is not the magic we do, it is what we do with magic.”

A magical journey from four corners of the world: Bogotá – Colombia, San Salvador – El Salvador, Mumbai – India and New York City – U.S.A.

4 magicians tell their tale of how teaching and performing magic has taken them around the world positively impacting the least fortunate in the slums of Bogotá, San Salvador, and Mumbai and finding local partners as their Colombian counterpart La liga de las Sonrisas (The Smiling League)

Tom Verner, Ryan Bart, Michael “Six” Muldoon and Carlos “Mentor” López from MWB will be going to the conference.

We are thrilled and honored to be a part of such a huge encounter of what PTW calls performance acctivists, we will be joining a lot of interesting and influential people. This is a short list of who else is going:

  • Patch Adams best known for his work as a medical doctor and a clown. Founder of the Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia the future home of The Patch Adams Teaching Center.
  • Atay Citron, the founder of the University of Haifa’s full-time academic training program for medical clowns.
  • Penny Hanuka, one of Israel’s Dream Doctors.
  • Karen McCarty of the Big Apple Circus.
  • Audrey Crabtree, founder of the New York Clown Theatre Festival.
  • Tim Cunningham, director of Clowns Without Borders.
  • Mary Fridley of the East Side Institute.
  • Marian Rich of the Castillo Theatre.
  • Albert Oppenheimer, composer, educator and director of the People’s Music School in Chicago.
  • Gabrielle Kurlander, President and CEO of the All Stars Project.
  • Lois Holzman, director of the East Side Institute.
  • Sandra Paola López, dancer, improviser from in2
  • Chris Reyman, musician, improviser from in2
  • Dr. Lenora Fulani Ph.D. co-founder of the All Stars Project.
  • Joan Lipkin artistic director of That Uppity Theatre Company.
  • Rita Omovbude (Lagos, Nigeria) is the lead visionary of Street Project Foundation.
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