Blessed in Bogota

April 1, 2013  |  Featured News,Our Travels


Tom teaches magic to Findesin Orphanage girls

Just back from an amazing 2 weeks in Bogotá, Colombia.
Every day was packed with wonderful things:

– Each week teaching magic to our young magicians.
– An amazing weekend Magic Camp, which ended with all of us performing a magic show in a small theater. The last act was performed by Gustavo Lorgia, Colombia’s most famous magician. During the curtain call Gustavo personally gave presents to each of our magic students, it was a most moving and meaningful moment.
– The Magic Camp was funded by a grant from the US State Dept.
– Numerous performances in hospitals, on the street and in centers for children.
– A 30-minute appearance on Muy Bueno Dias (the Today Show of Colombia) viewed by 30 million people.
– My last night in Bogotá, Cirque De Soleil gave us tickets to bring 60 children to their astonishing show. None of these children had ever seen a live performance of anything in their life, let alone the mind-blowing, heart opening work of Cirque De Soleil.
– When our great Fulbright Scholar/Magician Ryan Bart leaves in June, Carlos Lopez, the founder of Connecting Smiles, will carry on our work.

Our program is flourishing in Colombia, thanks to the dedicated day-to-day work of Ryan Bart, who is hoping to do the same for us in India this coming year. Ryan has been a Godsend to Magicians Without Borders, but more especially to the marvelous children that he has dedicated himself to this past year. Thank you Ryan. And, thank you Carlos, for your commitment to carry on this work.

None of this would be possible without you, our generous donors, and your continued support. And, as our programs continue to grow, we hope you will continue supporting this wonderful work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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