Ten Years of Magic and Hope

February 19, 2013  |  Featured News

2013 is a big year for Magicians Without Borders. This is our tenth anniversary!  Since our first trip to Ethiopia in 2003, we have now travelled to over 30 countries bringing love, laughter magic and hope to well over half a million refugee and orphan children. Our work is still guided by the belief that magic, when performed for people living in desperate situations, can awaken hope that the impossible is possible.

We have many new projects you can read about on the website. Our mission is still to Entertain, Educate and Empower forgotten children living in difficult and desperate situations. For the last three years our work has been emphasizing teaching and training children to become magicians. We now train children in Mumbai, India, Santa Ana, El Salvador and Bogota, Columbia. We spend two weeks every three months with each of the groups.    In the process of learning magic these young magicians become more self confident, have greater self esteem and learn discipline and focus. We have seen, over and over, dreams begining to awaken in these children. Dreams of being a nurse, studying computers or going to culinary school. A half dozen of these young magicians are now in college, thanks to our Scholarship Fund, making their dreams come true.

We’ve also begun to work with another often forgotten group of people: our veterans living here at home. We did a tour performing in all the VA hospitals in New York, and are now planning a tour of all 42 VA Hospitals and Centers in New England. Our bigger dream in working with veterans is what we are calling the “Wounded Wizard Project”. Over the next year we hope to identify a dozen veterans who would like to commit themselves to studying magic for 3 years. They would then travel to VA hospitals, and veterans centers, to perform for veterans and their families. We are now seeking funding to make the “Wounded Wizard Project” a reality. If you are inspired to support this new dream please donate (Donate | Magicians Without Borders). We would love for you to get involved in this wonderful work, and there are many ways to do that. First of all, we want you to SUBSCRIBE to receive periodic updates on our projects, which you can do at the bottom of our Home Page. If you subscribe now, you will be eligible to win one of the following:

— An on-line Skype magic lesson with Tom, Six or Devonte.

–One of Michael Six Muldoons Magic DVDS.

–A magic trick.

–One of Janet’s prints from her recently published book, “Mango Baskets and Rickshaw Blessings”, selections from drawings from our ten years of travel.

Another way to get involved is to host a fundraising evening in your home, during which Tom and Janet will do a presentation/performance about Magicians Without Borders. We also do presentations in schools, universities, nursing homes and corporations. Please contact us if you are interested in booking us (Contact | Magicians Without Borders). Help us make this 10th Anniversary year a year when dreams come true for our young Magicians in India, El Salvador and Columbia, and our Wounded Warriors here at home.  Subscribe, donate and spread the word about our work. We can’t make these dreams come true without your help, for which we are very grateful.

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