MWB Conversations Episode 17: Volunteer magic, how it sometimes can be interpreted as “real bad black magic”

December 17, 2020  |  Featured News,MWB Conversations

Join us this week for a very special conversation with Carlos López the Global Programs Director of Magicians Without Borders, and our founder Tom Verner to talk about how when doing volunteer magic is awesome but sometimes we need to be mindful when we use it and under what circumstances. Sometimes our most good intentions can be misinterpreted. This happens a lot when you travel to places that are not used to seeing magic or hearing that magic can be used as entertainment. But that also can happen on our volunteer work or even professional client work. To further discuss this topic we will be joined by  an amazing Magician and Mentalist based in New York  Tommy Burnett who has a very interesting view on the power of magic and mentalism and who is a recurring volunteer magician in different projects.

If you want to learn more about Tommy Burnett find his links below:
Facebook: TommyBurnettMagic
Instagram: @Tommy_Burnett



Images shared during the show:

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