MWB Conversations Episode 16: Empowering children to become the best version of themselves.

December 10, 2020  |  Featured News,MWB Conversations

Join us this week for a very special conversation with Carlos López the Global Programs Director of Magicians Without Borders, and our founder Tom Verner to talk about how we can use magic to empower children, and how important that is, we believe that children that are empowered can become the best versions of them selves, and to that point we are eager to be joined by Magic Tony who created the wonderful organization MAGIC BROTHERS WORLD a charity that brings magic and storytelling shows, animation and support in orphanages around the world for children and for people in need of dreams.  They have been to over 30 countries with over 100 volunteers and done more than 350 shows.

If you want to learn more about Tony’s work, please visit:


Video: Now we have a Twitch Channel, please follow us

We of course also have the video in our YouTube Channel:

Images shared on the show:

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