Our Students meet The Illusionists cast

August 13, 2019  |  Colombia,Featured News

Today, August 11, 2019 our 2 group of students from the slums of Bogotá Colombia got a chance of a lifetime! They got to meet the cast of the biggest touring show in magic: The Illusionists!

The Illusionists magicians amazed our students with their amazingly great show! Our students were mesmerized and very excited to have had the opportunity to witness such a wonderful show!

All of our 17 students had the opportunity to go to the show, thanks to the support of our wonderful donors!

It was a wonderful experience and an amazing show! We all had a blast! Our students had the wonderful opportunity to meet the cast of The Illusionists after the show!

It was a surreal moment, all the cast was tired (had done 2 shows and had a 3rd to go) but took the time to meet the kids and interact with them. Our students performed for them, got to ask them questions even though they were soooo nervous! That exchange was amazing.

We are very grateful for all the attention and support the cast showed our students, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience!

And finally to all our donors: THANK YOU for making this a reality! Truly thankful and humbled for having your support. Please enjoy the thank you video from the experience.

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