Thank you, Charles

August 22, 2019  |  Costa Rica,Featured News

Broken Wand, this is what magicians say when someone close to magic dies. Last month we said fare well to Charles Gohmann, founder of Magicians Without Borders Costa Rica.

A person we feel as part of the family. I met Charles at a wonderful event near the sea and the Costa Rican jungle, camping together with 100 people, listening to supremely inspiring stories.

Charles Gohmann, founder of Magicians Without Borders Costa Rica

Charles surprised me with his immense charisma, generosity, good energy and joy. I remember when in the middle of a magic workshop he was attending, he had to answer the question: If you could really do magic…. What would you do? I remember how his eyes lit up and that immense smile was drawn on his face when he replied: “Have infinite time and capital to finance all the good ideas that young people have and that with them they want to generate a great impact.” I noticed immeasurable enthusiasm; Too much for his age and experience, I thought.

Then I had the opportunity to talk several times with him, with his partner Alejandro and his other business partner Néstor, and we imagined a new reality in Costa Rica in the peripheral neighborhoods of San José, where we could create social impact through magic. Thanks to his passion and work, we made it happen in 2016, and since then we had been working hand in hand to change realities in the neighborhood of Tirrases, Curridabat.

Here at Magicians Without Borders, we will always remember Charles as that charismatic dreamer who wanted to support the change of realities in his adopted Costa Rica, we will always remember him with love. We reiterate our condolences by sending greetings to his close family and friends. Today we say Broken Wand for Charles Gohmann.

Written by Carlos López on behalf of everyone at Magicians Without Borders

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