Our trip to Costa Rica

March 14, 2018  |  Costa Rica,Featured News,Our Travels

Two months after our trip ended, we wanted to share with you our experience hosting the Yale Magic Society in Costa Rica.

We had a blast in touring the country and doing magic in far away places, from Monteverde to Playa Sámara, in and around San José, including a Youth penitentiary center.

All this was posible thanks to the Magicians Without Borders Costa Rica Team specially Diego Vargas to whom we cannot be more appreciative of all the hard work he put into making this a reality. Also to Alex Posner from Yale and of course to Tom. Thank you! All the hard work payed off!

Here is the story of the trip, told by the lens of one of the volunteers Josh who captured the experience in video and distilled it in 5 chapters:

The highlight of the trip has to be the theather show we did where the magicians from the Yale Magic Society coached the kids from the program and did a performance together in front of a sold out crowd at a beautiful theater. Here is the reaction of the kids walking into their first ever dressing room: https://youtu.be/7uQilqV1BSE?t=3m

If you are interested in finding out more about our volunteer experiences and travels, please email Carlos López carlos@magossinfronteras.org

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