Alexander Posner

Alex Posner is a life-long performer and teacher of magic. He grew up in NYC and was a member of the Society of Young Magicians. He joined Magicians Without Borders in 2012 and has volunteered for the organization in India, South Africa, Costa Rica, and the United States. He has also served as the organization’s Vice President. He is currently a senior at Yale University, where he is studying US History; he is also a member and the President Emeritus of the Yale Magic Society (Yale’s most secretive society). Among other projects, Alex helped pioneer the Wizards of PRCH program, in collaboration with the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health. The initiative brings together adults recovering from drug abuse and mental illness to study the art of magic and perform throughout the New Haven community; the program aims to help participants develop self-confidence and public speaking skills, promote creativity and self-discipline, equip participants with a remunerative trade and entrepreneurial skills, and inspire hope that the seemingly impossible is possible.