It’s official: Magicians Without Borders Costa Rica is growing fast!

April 1, 2017  |  Costa Rica,Featured News

We have been talking a lot about our program in Costa Rica, with Diego Vargas.

Today we are thrilled to dedicate this post exclusively to the work that Diego and the team in CR have done (Team includes Charles, Nestor, Daniela plus the support of E&Y).

Making it legal!

First, they have set up a legal ONG in Costa Rica so we now can receive local support through donations!

Second, the kids have performed in two shows! One was the “Day of good deeds” and most importantly, in TEDxPuraVidaJoven where Diego was also a featured speaker.

Third, a local tv program “Extra TV” went to Tirrases, where the program takes places, to meet the kids, learn about the program, and help spread the message.

Last but not least, Diego has been invited once again to join the ECHO tribe in 2017 to do a workshop in magic and tell the story of magicians without borders CR!!

We are marveled at the work that is going on in Costa Rica and the development of our young magicians there, we hope to bring you more news soon!

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