The Yale Magic Society Goes to India

February 15, 2017  |  Featured News

For ten days, five members of the Yale Magic Society traveled with MWB to India. Together we did 25 magic shows for 10,000 children and many other spontaneous shows in train stations, on the street, and in people’s homes. These young magicians performed in colorful and chaotic Mumbai at orphanages and hospitals for children with Cancer, HIV, and Mental Illness. We then traveled by train out to the rural villages of Gujarat, where life goes on as it has for the past thousand years. Gandhi loved to say, “India is in her villages.” For many of the village children, this was the first live performance they had ever seen. For the Yale magicians this was a trip back to the timeless world of Indian village life.

Also traveling with us was Jen Kramer, the founder of the Yale Magic Society and recent recipient of the prestigious Merlin Award, given to a young magician in recognition of their creative contributions to the world of Magic. These young magicians brought a great deal of love, laughter and magic to thousands of children and had an eye-opening introduction to the incredible marvels of India. Their time in India was off the beaten track, seeing an India not seen by the ordinary tourist and giving so much happiness to so many along the way. We hope this is the first of many collaborations with these wonderful magicians from the Yale Magic Society. You can see highlights of the trip on this short video…


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