A very special class with Joshua Jay

August 27, 2014  |  Colombia,Featured News

On August 16, the kids of the magic club of Bogotá, Colombia, had a one in a life time experience; a one hour magic lesson with one of the word’s best magicians right now: Joshua Jay.


This opportunity came about, when Joshua joined the 30 invited artist to the international magic conference Intermagic 2014 that was held in Bogotá Colombia from August 14 to 17. As soon as he was booked, he reached out to Magicians Without Borders to see if he could help. Michael “Six” Muldoon VP of MWB connected Joshua with Carlos López and this adventure began.

We are very thankfull that the kids from Bogotá had this opportunity, they where trully amazed and felt very special having a class just to themselves. This class was held on a very special magic studio from Alfredo Lorgia to whom we are very gratefull as well.

Things got even better when Joshua invited the kids to attend his conference in Intermagic, they got a chance to see what a professional magic conference is like, they got to meet a lot of magicians, the conference was attended by about 250 magicians from 31 countries. The kids got to perform for some of them and had a tour of the dealers tables where they got some cool stuff thanks to the dealers.

One again Thanks Joshua and Michael for making this come true.


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