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Colombia’s young magicians at TEDxCESA

We could have not been more proud of the young magicians of Bogotá, Colombia, the kids of the Colombian chapter got another once in a life time experience. To be the performing act in TEDxCESA. TEDxCESA was held in one of Colombia’s most elite universities, with the tag line “actions that transform lives“. That is why the magic club from the slums of Bogotá got invited to perform, because the actions of teaching this young kids magic, has truly transformed their lives. They did an 18 minute presentation and got a long long standing ovation!! It was amazing!

Greetings from Bogota

Here is a photo from yesterday at Vista Hermosa Hospital for children.  Our team of Carlos Lopez of Connecting Smiles (clown, juggler, magician and entrepreneur) and Ryan Bart, (Fulbright scholar, magician and director of MWB’s project in Bogota, Colombia) performed for the hospital staff and the children for three hours delighting all of us. After a bowl of soup in a tiny restaurant on the dusty street across from the hospital we headed to Bella Flor and gathered with Ryan’s ten magic students.  We are collaborating with Bella Flor, a non profit organization working with at risk youth in the …
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