MWB Conversations Episode 13: The pillar in which Magicians Without Borders has been standing on for the past 20 years.

November 19, 2020  |  MWB Conversations

Join us this week in a very special conversation with Carlos López our Global Programs Director and BOTH of our founders: Tom Verner AND Janet Frederiks, the duo behind this wonderful nonprofit. We will talk about how this couple: An artist and a psychologist who are also a mime and a magician, decided to go all in to this dream of filling the forgotten world with wonder, awe, laughter, amazement and smiles. We will be talking about their adventures of 20 years since the creation of Magicians Without Borders.

Plus we talk about Janet’s wonderful creative carrear as an artist, and how she has kept journals of all the places she has traveled to with Magicians Without Borders, there are astonishing, please check them out and if you can, purchase the book she printed, a real beauty:



Images Shared in the Show:

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