Our Recent Trip to NYC

We recently came back from one of our most amazing trips to date. We went to New York, we did a fundraiser in a lovely art gallery, hosted by our friend Margot, where our guest of honor, Tamara from Colombia told us her testimony after going through our program, and now being a teacher for other young kids in the slums of Colombia, and how she is now paying for her universities studies thanks to what she has learned in our program: Magic + entrepreneurship. Here is a little video of our fundraiser evening:

We were also part of Performing the World 2018, a wonderfull conference than gathered more than 400 people from over 30 countries to talk about social change through performance.

Magicians Without Borders arriving at PTW

Once again, our wonderful student: Tamara, blew everyone away with an introduction to our process by giving a workshop called: Magician For a Day, where the attendees got to learn some magic concepts and a magic trick and got to perform it! It was amazing! The feedback we got was uplifting.

After our workshop: Magician for a day


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