Magic entrepreneurship on sustainability day

April 22, 2016  |  Colombia,Featured News

Thursday in CESA Colombia’s most renowned business school, the kids from the magic club where invited to do magic in the event.

Henry Bradford the principal of CESA with the kids of MWB Colombia

Henry Bradford the principal of CESA with the kids of MWB Colombia

The kids from the Colombia’s magic club have been receiving clases in entrepreneurship also, because we think this is a must have skill set for today’s world.

Plus it will give them a first hand experience on how to generate an extra income while doing something they love doing: Magic.

Freemind + MWB Colombia

Freemind + MWB Colombia

That is why they created their Magic Start up called “Por arte de magia” which loosely translates to magically.

Because they have done this, the top Colombian Business School; CESA, invited them to their sustainability day panel.

Excanging magic for business advice

Exchanging magic for business advice

The kids did magic for the attendees at the event’s break but they did it in a barter style, they did a magic performance in exchange for a business advice for their company.

We had a blast!

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