Magic at Homeboy Launched

January 8, 2015  |  Uncategorized

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 was a magic day at Homeboy Industries in LA. Tom, Ryan and Wes, ignited a room of ex-gang members with magic. The three magicians were there to talk about MWB, perform and inspire ex-gang members to sign up to learn magic. In the second row, delighted and inspired, was Father Gregory Boyle S.J. , legendary founder of Homeboy Industries. “G”, as he is known to the “homies”, has created a tough, compassionate crucible to help ex-gang members create productive and meaningful lives.

Fr. Gregory invited MWB to Homeboy to hopefully do what we have done around the world:  use magic to educate and empower marginalized people. The response to Tom, Wes, and Ryan was overwhelming with over 20 of these men and women signing up for the project starting January, 2015.

We’ll keep you posted as the project develops.

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