South Africa Magic Service Trip

We are so glad to have you on board!

WE ARE SOLD OUT!!! Thanks for signing up for our upcoming Magic Service Trip. We will see you in Cape Town, South Africa from January 2nd to January 12th of 2020!

If you have arrived to this page before saving your spot, please do so HERE

If you have already saved your spot but have not completed your registration: contact information, accommodation option, opt-in tourism activities. Please EMAIL us asap at

Your next steps are:

  • To complete your registration PLEASE EMAIL US to get registration link
  • Book your flight if you have not done so yet, to arrive by January 2nd to Cape Town.
  • Be on the lookout for our information on how to book your stay at Never At Home a curated stay in the wonderful Green Point area.
  • Check and triple check your VISA requirements for South Africa
  • We strongly suggest you travel with some sort of medical insurance.
  • Opt In the sightseeing activities, in our ITINERARY and BUDGET we have provided some links to the activities that we will be taking part in, but in order to join us, you need to purchase your own tickets, we have done the hard part for you, we have already looked for the best activities and the best value, please check them and be ready to book yours. If you have any questions please reach out!

Itinerary and Budget


Here is the F.A.Q. of our trip, please read them all and PLEASE make your reservations for the accommodation and the OPT-IN activities

  • How big is the group?
    • We are going to be anywhere between 5 to 12 people.
  • When should I arrive?
    • No later than 8pm January 2nd, 2020 You are more than welcome to explore more of Cape Town or South Africa before this date.
  • When should I plan to leave?
    • Our trip concludes January 11th at midnight. You should plan to leave on January 12th in the earliest. You are more than welcome to explore more of Cape Town or South Africa after this date.
  • Where we will staying?
    • In the Designer Hostel Never at Home in Green Point, please be on the lookout of our email on how to book your own stay, in a bed in the 6 or 8 bed mixed dorm room or private room.
  • What are we going to do?
    • Check out the FULL ITINERARY it includes tourist activities such as a Safari trip, city tours, penguin beaches, this tourist activities are all OPT-IN so please MAKE SURE you reserve your own on each activity there is a link to make your own reservation. The magic activities are MANDATORY, meaning, if you are with us in this Magic Service Trip, you are going to be doing this activities with us, please check the FULL itinerary.
  • What to bring?
    • Clothes for warm weather, swim suit, towel, walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, lock for hostel
    • YOUR MAGIC: 1 or 2 of your best magic tricks for: parlour, close up, walk-around.
    • Cards and any trick you want to get better at, we will continuously be jamming.
    • Your best attitude! Be ready to amaze and be amazed.

If you have any questions please contact our Global Programs Director Carlos López at