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Magic in India

Janet and I have been here a week and will be here two more weeks .We are also traveling with Janet’s mime teacher, a brilliant British mime, Chris Yerlig. We are performing an average of three shows a day in …
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Magic at Homeboy Launched

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 was a magic day at Homeboy Industries in LA. Tom, Ryan and Wes, ignited a room of ex-gang members with magic. The three magicians were there to talk about MWB, perform and inspire ex-gang members to …
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Post from India

Greetings and magical best wishes from Mumbai India . Full days of teaching and performing Magic. Yesterday we began a new project at the DH Sirur Boys Orphanage, teaching magic to 11 boys —7 hours of teaching and practicing yesterday …
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Greetings from Bogota

Here is a photo from yesterday at Vista Hermosa Hospital for children.  Our team of Carlos Lopez of Connecting Smiles (clown, juggler, magician and entrepreneur) and Ryan Bart, (Fulbright scholar, magician and director of MWB’s project in Bogota, Colombia) performed …
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