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Re-starting our program in Brazil

We are extremely happy to announce that our performances in Brazil have started again thanks to our Head Local Magician: Alejandro Muniz and his team, it is wonderful to see this happening again! View this post on Instagram A post …
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Restarting MWB Brazil

Trying to move online with our education chapters

The same as everyone, we’ve been struggling to try and have a digital transformation of our social work in the slums for our education chapters, it’s been beyond challenging, in some of our chapters less than 40% of our students …
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A new genesis

We are super excited to write this post! We are starting a new education chapters in Colombia, in Quiba a rural village outside of the countries’ capital, Bogotá. We’ve been huge fans of BiblioSEO and their approach to social work …
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Magicians Without Borders new education chapter in Quiba

Re-starting our program in El Salvador

Our program in El Salvador got an exiting new venue for our weekly classes It’s the local municipal theater a gorgeous space where our kids get to use for our 2 hour weekly class! But not only that, our education …
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MWB in ahuachapan el salvador

Kimberly our Student from El salvador in national news

Kimberly is a wonderful person, she is not only a wonderful magician but a very charismatic, enthusiastic, strong young woman, this has been taken notice by the national news of El Salvado, whom recently did a piece on her: …
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Niña maga our student Kimberly in El Salvador national news

Josh Beasley Yale Magic Society graduate

One of our volunteers recently graduated from Yale, and from his favorite memories of his time at the university he cites being the volunteer work he did with us: “traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia, and South Africa to perform magic …
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MWB Conversations Episode 28: Looking back at our “Campamentos” in El Salvador

Join us this week for a great conversation with Carlos López the Global Programs Director of Magicians Without Borders, and our founder Tom Verner to talk that will take us down memory lane with our guest: Lauren Markha, a writer …
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Magicians Without Borders Conversations Podcast episode 28

Become a Magic Patreon

We have just launched our Patreon page, a new way to engage with our supporters, scroll though the different tiers we offer and discover ways we can: use magic to create a just world full of possibilities in communities around …
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Magicians Without Borders in now on patreon

MWB Conversations Episode 27:  Mailbag episode February

Join us this week in a conversation with Carlos López our Global Programs Director and Tom Verner our founder where we will be answering questions from you. If you have a comment or question for us, please mail them in …
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Magicians Without Borders Conversations podcast Episode 27: MailBag episode February

The 2020 results of our Colombian chapter and LATAM milestones

On February 6th our LATAM headquarters did their annual meeting to share their achievements of 2020 and some goals for 2021, its the first time that this meeting was done virtually, so it got transmitted live via YouTube, and for …
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Magicians without borders latam education chapters achievements 2020
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