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Starting entrepreneurship training in El Salvador

This Saturday, our students in Ahuachapán, El Salvador had a wonderful experience when they met a local young entrepreneur and author Xavier Benavides. This marks the start of our entrepreneurship training on our Ahuachapán program, we are very proud of our head local magician Mario Sierra, who’s done a wonderful job and is constantly looking for new opportunities for our students in El Salvador. We see a bright future ahead for this chapter!

New Education Chapter: Cape Town, South Africa

We are very pleased to announce that after a couple of months and a lot of work and dedication we have officially begun a MWB Education Chapter in Cape Town, South Africa! This is all thanks to the hard work and passion of Jacques le Sueur, a magician based in his native Cape Town. He has been a profesional magician for many many years, and has graduated from the College of Magic in Cape Town and is a member of the magic circle of the city. His commitment to changing the realities of children in different townships of his local …
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Jacques le sueur opens a magicians without borders chapter in cape town south africa
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