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Our trip to Costa Rica

Two months after our trip ended, we wanted to share with you our experience hosting the Yale Magic Society in Costa Rica. We had a blast in touring the country and doing magic in far away places, from Monteverde to Playa Sámara, in and around San José, including a Youth penitentiary center. All this was posible thanks to the Magicians Without Borders Costa Rica Team specially Diego Vargas to whom we cannot be more appreciative of all the hard work he put into making this a reality. Also to Alex Posner from Yale and of course to Tom. Thank you! All the hard …
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We travel to Costa Rica

We are planning a trip to visit our magic club in Costa Rica, this time with our volunteer program we are traveling with 8 US magicians from the Yale magic society to Educate, Entertain and Empower our magic club in Tirrases, a slum outside San José in Costa Rica. This is our second international volunteer program trip, the first was to india, we are sure that this social trip is a growing experience for our volunteers and a once in a lifetime experience for our students in our different programs, having a foreigner visit and interact and learn from them …
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Costa Rica Project in National News!

Costa Rica’s biggest newspapper: La Nación, dedicated a 4 pages article to our program! The article is very well written and depicts almost perfectly Diego Vargas’ philosophy on how making people smile is a must and how magic is the perfect tool for it. Here is the article (in spanish): Here is a google translate in English:

It’s official: Magicians Without Borders Costa Rica is growing fast!

We have been talking a lot about our program in Costa Rica, with Diego Vargas. Today we are thrilled to dedicate this post exclusively to the work that Diego and the team in CR have done (Team includes Charles, Nestor, Daniela plus the support of E&Y). First, they have set up a legal ONG in Costa Rica so we now can receive local support through donations! Second, the kids have performed in two shows! One was the “Day of good deeds” and most importantly, in TEDxPuraVidaJoven where Diego was also a featured speaker. Third, a local tv program “Extra TV” …
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