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Professional Photo shoot for our Colombian Program

We had a visit from a local photographer that took very professional looking photos of our Colombian Students for their brand: Por Arte de Magia.

Our New Colombian Project Performances

The new program in Colombia, headed by our alumni Tamara has had three wonderful performances all this month! They did one for the supporters of our local partner NGO F.N.V.P.T. Another one to launch a screening of a local community film festival called Ojo al Sancocho, and the Halloween celebration of the partner NGO F.N.V.P.T. We are thrilled that Tamara’s group is blossoming and doing wonderful performances. Here is a little video of one of their performances.

Our Recent Trip to NYC

We recently came back from one of our most amazing trips to date. We went to New York, we did a fundraiser in a lovely art gallery, hosted by our friend Margot, where our guest of honor, Tamara from Colombia told us her testimony after going through our program, and now being a teacher for other young kids in the slums of Colombia, and how she is now paying for her universities studies thanks to what she has learned in our program: Magic + entrepreneurship. Here is a little video of our fundraiser evening: We were also part of Performing …
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One of our students invited to a Forum of Empowering Women

Tamara Jimenez, one of our students in the Colombian project, recently got invited to a forum (attended by 600+ students and teachers of schools) in a recognized private high school in Bogota to share her experience as a young leader in her community. Also se held a magic workshop for some students, and it was a blast and a huge success.

Our Colombian Project in TEDx Fulbright

Ryan Bart, one of our magicians that has been in to all but on one of our magic clubs (El Salvador, Colombia and India, only missing Costa Rica) got an opportunity to tell the story of how he started the Colombian project and how the kids have progressed since then. Here is his wonderful new TEDxFulbrightBogota Talk  

From the Slums of Bogota, Colombia to New York City

One year ago, our program in Bogota Colombia was getting ready for their biggest adventure of their lives, travel as a group to New York City. They were invited to the Performing The World conference alongside greats of performance as Patch Adams. And with the help of our good friends at Vanishing Inc they got the chance to perform in an off Broadway theater called The P.I.T. Now one year later they are getting ready to release a short documentary of their journey, here is the teaser. Please contact us here or at and tell us if you would …
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Kids of Colombian Project featured in TEDxFulbrightBogotá along side Ryan Bart

On July 28th in Bogotá the Fulbright Organization brought together 7 recipients of their scholarships in the city to be speakers at their event: TEDxFulbrightBogotá. One of those speakers, was our own Ryan Bart. Ryan’s talk was 15 minutes, in which he included a presentation of two of the kids: Tamara and Diego. After the talk, the rest of the kids did a 10 minute presentation. This whole event was broadcasted on line and in a local TV Station. The kids had a blast. It was very nice to see Ryan visit the project he started 5 years ago, and …
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Ryan Rehearsing

Magicians Without Borders Live from NYC!

We just got back from one of our biggest adventures yet! We had the opportunity to take 6 kids from the Colombian program to New York! We had a blast! We went sight seeing, and did 2 performances, one at the international conference Performing The World. And another one in the P.I.T. thanks to the support from Vanishing INC the company of the magicians Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin with all the support and diligence of Eli Bosnick. The kids also got invited to one of the most famous magic stores in the world, Tannen’s Magic Store in NYC where …
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Kids of Magicians Without Borders in Tannen's magic in New york city

Newspaper’s front page plus performance with country’s most famous magician

The kids from the Colombian magic club, have been very active promoting their campaign to rais funds so that they can visit New York city and attend the conference they were invited to: Performing The World. They were featured in the Colombian Newspaper, El Espectador:  They performed with Gustavo Lorgia, Colombia’s most famous magician: And recorded a program for a local TV show: They are in full swing raising the funds to visit the USA, you can help them, here is how: By donating directly to our Colombian partner: The League of Smiles Via Pay Pal Or shopping through

Our central american roadtrip

In July of 2016, Carlos López our LATAM director, went on a four country road trip telling our story all over central américa. Hired by Glasswing International and USAID his non profit The League of Smiles lead a youth forum for 600+ young people in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. On the first forum, in El Salvador, Carlos had the opportunity to meet with Maricela and Alexis from our magic club, and they got a change to perform in the forum in front of more than 200 of their peers. We got a lot of coverage in local news. And even …
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