Bringing back magic and hope to Ukraine

April 2, 2024  |  Featured News,Ukraine

We are embarking on our seventh trip to Ukraine to support the ongoing humanitarian efforts. Since 2022, we’ve made six trips to Lviv, Ukraine, and Krakow, Poland, bringing joy and laughter to families displaced by the war.


This May, we’ll be back! From May 3rd to May 16th, our master magician and founder, Tom and Carlos , our Global Programs Director, will be performing for Ukrainian refugees in Poland and hosting a magic workshop for children in Krakow.

In Lviv, we’ll continue our magical outreach by performing at recovery camps, kids’ clubs, and visiting our ongoing education chapter. There’s a special twist this time – one of our long-time students from Lviv will join us as our official translator and magic teacher!

To top it off, we’ll be conducting a two-day intensive magic workshop for a group of local kids, culminating in a performance at a Pediatric Oncology Hospital.

We need your help!


Your contribution will cover travel expenses for our two magicians and essential magic props for the workshops.

With your support, we can continue spreading joy, fostering creativity, and offering a much-needed escape through the power of magic.

Donate today and help us bring smiles to the faces of children and families affected by the war in Ukraine!

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