Our third trip to Ukraine was a hit!

September 30, 2023  |  Education Chapter,Featured News,Ukraine

Diego Vargas, our head local magician in our Costa Rican program, was just in L’viv (after sorting out some immigration issues), and he got together with our students and teachers from the education chapter that have already gotten a visit in late October by Pollo

The kids got to learn from a magic star, and they performed for kids and their families in a pediatric oncology hospital.

He traveled with Israel, a talented filmmaker who documented the trip and is working on a short film that we can’t wait to show you all.

Aside from Lviv, Diego and Israel spend a lot of time in Krakow, performing for refugee camps. This is our third trip to Krakow and Lviv. We hope that we can continue with this education chapter and support the refugee camps bringing wonder and appearing smiles.

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