Our second trip to Ukraine in 2023

One of our most extended volunteer teachers from Bogota, Colombia, Felipe Costa, a.k.a. Pollo, is a world-renowned magician. He is currently on a European tour, taking his magic through the old continent, appearing in multiple magic gatherings and conventions, and lecturing about his unic style of children’s magic.

Pollo decided to make time during his European tour to visit Krakow, Poland, where he performed for many refugee families. Before heading to Ukraine, he also conducted some workshops for the kids living in these refugee camps.

In Lviv, he got in touch with our Education Chapter. He taught an intensive day magic lesson that culminated in a show by the students in a public Pediatric Oncology Hospital. He also got to perform for many mothers and their kids in a Recovery Camp on the outskirts of the city.

I his words, “This has been one of the most intense experiences of my life”. We deeply want to thank Pollo for making this trip and all the donors who made it possible.

This is great news, knowing that we are now preparing our third trip to Ukraine of the year, where a Costa Rican magician will be visiting some of the same places Pollo did.

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