Finishing up 2022…

And before we start gearing up for a magical 2023, we wanted to recap what was a fantastic year.

Our education chapters in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Colombia are still going strong with weekly classes, more local shows have ensued this year, and these shows have become a new source of income for our students; this is something that has us very happy.

We went to the Ukraine and Poland border TWICE (May and September) to entertain families and young refugees, and also we held a short magic workshop with some of them.

We also had the opportunity to restart our Annual Learning Beyond Camps in India with our partner, Our Children. We helped put on three camps for over 300 orphan children in 2 beautiful locations in rural India near Mumbai.

Also, while we were in Mumbai, we put on shows in 4 different orphanage homes, two hospitals, and one far-away village.

All of this is possible thanks to our donors and supporters, without which we could not do what we do; you are the fuel to fulfill our purpose: Use magic to create a just world full of possibilities in communities around the planet.


We hope we can continue with your support in 2023; you can start here to make sure you help the magic continue in the new yer

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