Giving Tuesday

November 27, 2022  |  Featured News,Fundraisers

Giving Tuesday is around the corner: a global celebration day for giving

This year has proven to be a great year for Magicians Without Borders, thanks to your help, we’ve been able to do great things, including but not limited to:

  • Visited the Ukrain-Poland border twice to do performances for refugees, we also did an eight-hour Magic Workshop over two days for ten refugee kids, teaching them enough magic to do a 20-minute magic show. They loved it!
  • Visited India to host our 7th Learning Beyond Camp three-week-long camp for 300 orphan children. We offer Magic, Juggling, Mime, Theater, Slackline Walking, Puppet-Making, and Traditional Indian Acrobatics, the kids choose three to do for the week. They are amazing camps we see throughout the week the kid’s confidence, courage, and creativity grow. 
  • We strengthened our education program in Colombia that continues to give underprivileged children in Bogota’s slum: Ciudad Bolivar the opportunity to work on their confidence, self-image, focus, and discipline in the two ongoing weekly classes run by our alumni Tamara Jimenez and Diego Barreto.
  • Revamped our education program in Ahuachapan, El Salvador, where our Head Local Magician Mario Sierra was able to secure the local municipal theater as our training grounds for the weekly education program that takes place every Saturday, and magic is becoming now a star in the local entertainment offerings, our kids have had a chance to perform in government events and also a paid recurring gig in a local café
  • Experimenting with new ways to do our education chapter in Brazil, where we’ve done over 60 performances with local allies, and classes with physical disable students (blind, cerebral palsy, physical therapy recovery)
  • Started a new education program in Costa Rica where our alumni will by side by side with our Head local magician Diego Vargas and as a team they started teaching a new group of 10 kids in the slums of San José, Costa Rica.

 The Magic is Alive!

With your continued support we plan to continue expanding our social reach with our magic, this is what we are planning:

  • Returning to the Ukrain-Poland border to do more performances and also another magic workshop with refugee kids with our contacts there.
  • Starting two new education programs in India, with our new local ally the Sneha Sadan orphanage where we will start a program for 20 boys and one for 20 girls. This program will be led by our Learning Beyond alumni: Sunil Bajrangi, to have him lead this new program is a huge source of pride and honor for us, to have a former student lead a new program. Also, this program will have local support from local donors to ensure its continuity for at least one year.
  • Continue to nourish our education chapters around the world: El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, and India.

So today, it’s a day to celebrate generosity. On #GivingTuesday we come together all over the world to focus on helping people in need, in new and innovative ways.

If you are looking for a purpose to support, we are thrilled for you to consider us in moving forward with our purpose: “Using magic to create a just world full of possibility in communities around the planet” with your support we will continue to bring education, work, joy and laughter where needed through our magic.

Today, I’d like to ask you to consider a monthly gift to Magicians Without Borders in celebration of Giving Tuesday. This gift is so much more than a simple donation, it has the potential to deeply influence our at-risk student’s life in the slums of Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, India, and Brazil. And also to provide entertainment to Ukrainian refugees.

Will you join us in creating a just world full of possibilities in communities around the planet by making a special gift to Magicians Without Borders before midnight tonight?

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