Our Rural education chapter in Quiba Alta is going great

November 10, 2021  |  Colombia,Education Chapter,Featured News

Since we started this new education chapter in the rural area of Quiba Alta outside Colombia’s capital Bogotá, has been a great experience. This chapter is headed by two of our Alumni: Diego and Tamara, who where with us in the first ever education chapter in Bogotá way back in 2012.

Now as teachers of this new generation, it has been great to see them perform as rol models for other kids in this community. Plus we have had the help of other local volunteer magicians, and it has been great to se this kids learn magic and start getting more and more into it.

We are sure this new education chapter will mold new magic students and in doing so helping them with their self-esteem, focus, discipline and hopes that their future can be brighter that their present.

A special Thank You to the donors, people and organizations that have made this chapter a reality, specially Elias Pedraza and Mercado Libre.

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