Trying to move online with our education chapters

The same as everyone, we’ve been struggling to try and have a digital transformation of our social work in the slums for our education chapters, it’s been beyond challenging, in some of our chapters less than 40% of our students have access to the internet. When we created our COVID-19 support fund back in march 2020, we were able, with the help of 6 wonderful donors, to support some of our students with data plans so that they could have access to the internet during the trying times of 2020.

That was fruitful for some of our students who could, and are still taking part in online corporate virtual magic shows. Now we are getting ready to continue to support our students with a complementary online virtual magic school on this new resource they will find video and written magic learning content for them to continue their remotely, and for those of the who are able to join our in person clases this will be a wonderful resource to continue learning and a place to keep the magic curiosity alive between our classes.

We still need your support to make this technology accessible to most of our students, we are asking you to consider supporting us in this journey to connect our students to the internet by donating data plans these will continue to support their magic learning, but also their general connection to the internet to continue with their remote learning.

Here is a peek at our magic virtual magic school:

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