A new genesis

We are super excited to write this post! We are starting a new education chapters in Colombia, in Quiba a rural village outside of the countries’ capital, Bogotá.

Quiba, the place of our new chapter, in our local partner’s: BiblioSEO’s The creatitivy library

We’ve been huge fans of BiblioSEO and their approach to social work and how they empower rural at-risk youth. We’ve also collaborated in the past, and we feel this program is a long time coming, and we kicked it off with a wonderful magic show for the community, put on by a local volunteer magician Yulian and 2 of our alumni: Diego Barreto and Tamara Jiménez both of whom will be in-charge of this new endeavor to continue our purpose of using magic to create a just world full of possibility in communities around the world.

Yulian with his wonderful sponge ball routine

We are so eager to see this new chapter develop and can’t wait to share more news of this chapter and all the new little magicians we are going to be meeting and mentoring along the way.

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