MWB Conversations Episode 52: Wrapping up a year of conversations

August 19, 2021  |  MWB Conversations

Join us this week in a conversation with Carlos López our Global Programs Director and Tom Verner our founder where we will be looking back at a year of MWB Conversations, we will talk about our main takeaways and revisit the wonderful guests we’ve had in the show, and we will discuss some ideas about the future. What subjects/topics/etc. do you think we should tackle in the future in this space?

This marks the temporary end of our MWB Conversations, this episode marks a year of wonderful, inspiring and thoughtful conversations with amazing guests that highlight “social magic” not only done by us, but by many people around the world, what a amazing ride this has been, we wrap up a year of this conversations on this episode, stay tuned to see the evolution of MWB Conversations



Images shared on the show:

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