PTW Happenings 2020

August 2, 2020  |  Featured News,Performances

We had a plan….. this is how most stories start this year. No different for us, we had a plan to travel to New York City with 2 of our teacher/students pairs (from the slums of Costa Rica and Colombia) to do a performance in the Perfoming The World Conference, but as fate would have it the conference, as everyone and everything moved online, and that gave us the opportunity to put together a performance with 3 pairs of teacher/student including Mario and Kimberly from El Salvador.

They joined Diego and Abraham from Costa Ria and Tamara and Jaider from Colombia. They put on a performance that embodied our purpose:

Use Magic to create a just world full of possibilities in couminities arround the world.

It was amazing, they did a wonderful job in front of 80+ attendees of many different countries. This kind of performances make our work feel worth it.


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