Magic At Home: LIVE & INTERACTIVE magic shows online

We wanted to let you knot what we have been up to in this pandemic times. We know that some of us are struggling and overwhelmed with staying at home, specially if you have not done remote work before, and if you have kids, add the home schooling and endless zoom meetings, it can be too much. So we wanted to help you with some live entertainment, that also has social impact! Of course with magic!


Magic At Home: LIVE & INTERACTIVE magic shows online


We have put up an online store in order to further our cause, in the store you can purchase virtual shows and workshops for yourself or to give as a gift. Eventually you will be able to get physical products from our sponsors and our own full on virtual magic courses. We are very excited! This store was set up thanks to the wonderful designs of our volunteer Matt Cannon, he’s an amazing designer, please check out his work HERE.

Who are the magicians that will be performing?

It’s a combination of Magicians Without Borders staff, volunteers, friends and of course our students! At risk youth that have been with us in our education chapters in the slums of big cities in Latin America (El Salvador, Colombia, Costa Rica) some of them will be amazing you with tricks from their respective houses. These students are able to join us thanks to our donors.

So, how can you help?

  • If you are a magician and would like to help out in the shows, please reach out.
  • If you want to donate, please consider supporting our Magic COVID-19 Support fund
  • Most importantly we encourage you to schedule a show HERE, either for you or as a gift for someone you know will benefit from this. In this way you will not only be gifting entertainment but you will be giving our students in the slums of Latin America the opportunity to earn money to contribute in their families during this critical times, and by doing this magic shows our students find meaning in this work and this helps them navigate this troubled times. So please consider booking a show or sending this link: to someone you think might be interested.

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