New Education Chapter: Cape Town, South Africa

September 18, 2019  |  Education Chapter,Featured News,South Africa

We are very pleased to announce that after a couple of months and a lot of work and dedication we have officially begun a MWB Education Chapter in Cape Town, South Africa!

This is all thanks to the hard work and passion of Jacques le Sueur, a magician based in his native Cape Town. He has been a profesional magician for many many years, and has graduated from the College of Magic in Cape Town and is a member of the magic circle of the city. His commitment to changing the realities of children in different townships of his local city is overwhelming.

When you talk with him, you can feel the overflowing desire to use magic a tool for social change, we are extremely proud and honored that he wanted to work with us. And we know that with his leadership, our new students in the Cape Town chapter will be positively impacted for the rest of their lives. Thank you Jacques for letting us continue this dream of using magic to create a just world full of possibility in communities around the world. We also take this opportunity to welcome Jacques to the MWB Family!

Our classes are in collaboration with CouldC Training & Development and R-City Cape Town. Jacques is assisted by facilitator Eddy Geswindt who was instrumental in collecting the children for the group. A special mention goes to Angelo Cotzee of CTD, without whom any of this would have been possible.

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