New projects in Colombia and El Salvador are up!

April 13, 2019  |  Colombia,El Salvador,Featured News

We are so happy to announce that in the past month we started 2 new education projects!! One in Ahuachapan, El Salvador and another one in Medellin, Colombia.

The project in Ahuachapan, El Salvador, has been months in the making, local magician Mario Sierra, has been interested in starting his own chapter in his home town of Ahuachapan for a while now. (By the way you can open your own chapter too, find out here) He found out about Magicians Without Borders years ago, and talked with our other head magician in Costa Rica: Diego, and finally with the help of Ryan Bart, Maricela, Carlos and the local NGO KOIKA youth center the project was born in late March 2019! We are so happy to see this happening and hope this will be a long running program!

The program in Medellin, Colombia, has also been in the making for the past months, this started because Mohith Mothukuri, a soon to be student of Columbia University, wanted to travel to Medellin and experience the innovation culture of the city and get to know Colombia before enrolling as a full time university student, and he heard of Magicians Without Borders, through a video from one of our volunteers who is also a You Tuber: Josh Beasly.

The collaboration in Medellin is also enabled by our local partner the nonprofit Juguemos en el Bosque. Who’s mission is to provide entertainment and recreation activities for the kids in the national foster system and who are in selected shelter homes. This particular education program will be a short version, lasting 3 months.

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