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March 6, 2019  |  Border,Featured News,Our Travels

Our founders Tom and Janet are in a trip down to El Paso-Juarez Border, doing some very needed shows for kids and families in the retention centers. We encourage you to donate so that we can keep up this important work, here are some of Tom words from the trip.

Greetings from the El Paso-Juarez Border

We have been performing for hundreds of migrants who are fleeing the murderous violence, political oppression and grinding poverty in Honduras,Guatemala and El Salvador. 
Two days ago, ICE released 400+ migrant asylum seekers onto the streets of El Paso with ankle bracelets and court dates weeks or months from now. In the ICE Detention Centers they are fed very little and it is freezing cold in there. They are immediately picked up by Annunciation House volunteers and taken to one of their shelters hungry and sick. They are fed and given medicine and housed till they can get on a bus or plane to the family member or friend they will be staying with while they await an asylum decision. 

One of the memorable moments from our show at Oscar Romero House yesterday was Sebastian, a beautiful six year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. His young brothers were taking wonderful care of him and all during our show he was smiling and making delighted sounds. Sebastian’s father carried him on his shoulders all the way from Honduras.

Here on The Border the human spirit shines in all its pain ad promise, as people make unimaginable journeys “yearning to breathe free.” We feel blest to be here to bring a bit of love, laughter magic and hope to this Borderland.

Just back from a performance in one of the Detention Centers. A fun show for 125 eight to eighteen year olds.
Such a joy to hear their laughter and feel their wonder and delight –and the guards laughing along with them. Magic is the great equalizer sometimes –the whole room became wide-eyed, giggling children for an hour. Not a bad job to be here in this liminal, difficult border world, bringing a bit of magic and wonder … Thanks to all of you for your love and support….Tom and Janet

Ash Wednesday 2019

The Border feels like the right place to be on Ash Wednesday. Janet and I appreciate all the messages of love and support for the work we are doing here … you are all such loving friends. We feel held and watched over by so many…we were reminded of this when we saw this beautiful mural here in El Paso. We are all held and watched over by so many visible and invisible hands and hearts. Thank you. The mural is entitled “Fronterizos” (Borderpeople) by artist Jesus Cimi Alvarado

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